Amazing places around karol bagh

New Delhi is home to more then 22 million people and the economic condition of the city isn’t bad. One major contributor of this city economy is tourism.


More than 10,000 travelers from all over the nation and the globe lands at New Delhi Airport or railway station and book accommodation in Delhi hotels, explore the tourist destinations in the city and most important, from a view of an economist, they do a lot of shopping.

Many tourist cities like Jaipur and Agra have clearly shown that tourists who loves to do some shopping are on the radar of travel agencies and hotels and those are the tourists who will love to buy their services.

So in this post I want to share some shopping and nearby tourist destination of Delhi’s favorite hotel destination, Karol Bagh.

Karol Bagh is a popular name among those who either wants to book a room in Karol Bagh Delhi or wants to do some bridal shopping. Well what ever category you find yourself comfortable in but I am sure that you will love to spend some money on the below mentioned markets and boost Delhi economy. Plus I have also shared some must see places in Karol Bagh too…

Gaffar Market

Gaffar Market is a prospering market in selling mobile phones and latest technologies as well as the hub for mobile repairs. The diminished customer service offers of mobile companies has resulted the booming business for Gaffar Market. Everyone are going in the market for fast and cheap phone repairs, and workers who attentively listens to the customer about their phones to which service centers that are authorized could not able to replicate.

Another good quality of Gaffar Market is convenience, customers need not stand and wait for long lines, here, you can immediately ask the stores and you are answered back right away. The market is also offering latest mobile phones and cheap ones that came from China.

Roshan Di Kulfi

The ordinary eatery went a complete facelift and is now a restaurant offering not just Northern Indian food but Kulfi as well. The people who are tired roaming around Karol Bagh or Gafar Market, then why not try the refreshments and delicious desserts here.

The used to be humble eatery house is still eing visited by a number of guests just to taste the delicacies on offer. The must try food here here are the Chhole bhature, Kulfi faluda, kaju burfi, and gulab jamun.

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Jhandewalan Temple

A Hindu shrine in total dedication of Maa Aadi Shakti, The Jhandewalan Temple situated at Jhandewalan Road going to Karol Bagh. Yearly, the temple welcomes hundreds of devotees, and one interesting fact of the place is that its name came from the Indian word jhandas meaning prayer flags that are offered for prayer.

The temple is also one of the many religious sites for the Hindus. In the chaotic and busy streets of Karol Bagh, it is always nice to see some blissful place to stay in order to feel at peace with nature and keeping the faith strong. Be sure to check out Jhandewalan Temple during festivities of Navrata and Durga Puja.

Buddha Jayanti Park

The Buddha Jayanti Park was built to commemorate Lord Buddha’s 2,500 anniversary of birth. The park is located near Delhi Bridge and is in close proximity to Shankar Road, Sardar Patel Marg, and Ridge Road. The statue is magnificently attached in the middle of a man-made waterway system and is set on what is called Parikrama, a square stage and is bounded by round stone fence as well as circumambulation pathway.

The layout of the place is impressive and works quite well with the natural surroundings around, giving the city a breath of fresh air.

Connaught Place

The city’s colonial past is evident at Connaught Place, with old buildings and establishments dating back during the British occupation, the place have always been visited by a number of local and foreign visitors not just because of its building but also of the increasing restaurants and fashion stores. Shopping has always been the name of the place, which is why it is explainable why there are tourists in the area almost every day.

Connaught Place
Connaught Place

Get to experience local hospitality with regional cuisines and Indian arts and crafts. There are international brands selling at Connaught Place as well as a number of local brands too, there are just so much variety to choose from.