Beware of These 4 Diseases That Come From Dirty Carpet And Air Conditioning That Rarely Cleaned

Carpets and air conditioners can be the two dirtiest things in your office. Try asking the janitor, are they often cleaned or have not been treated for years? If it has never been cleaned, it is quite possible dust and germs from there will trigger various diseases for the employees. Ask them to immediately bring the carpet to the Ultra Brite Carpet Tile Cleaning so that it can be cleaned optimally and call a trusted air-conditioning cleaning service.

Usually, dust mites like to live on carpets and air conditioners. Dust mites are not just dirty dust, but a very small type of parasite that eats dust. People who have allergies are usually sensitive to this dust mite.

Besides, do not think the air produced from air conditioners is safe. Because the air conditioner will circulate or spread the same air around the room. If someone coughs, germs will stay in the air and stay around the room all day. Here is a series of diseases caused by carpets and air conditioners that are rarely cleaned:

1. Asthma
Your asthma can be a long-term result of exposure to dirty carpets and air conditioners. The threat of this disease cannot be ignored, because if it is not dealt with, it will disrupt the quality of life.

What is certain, dirty carpets and air conditioners spread pollution into the air. Especially AC, it usually circulates that air again, that again. For vulnerable people, this can cause asthma.

2. Lung infection
One disease that may be caused by air conditioning in the office is a lung infection. However, this is not because of the air conditioner, but because of air circulation as mentioned above.

The air conditioner can also store dust. In this case, the air conditioner circulates what is taken, then spread again into the room. So, if the cooler circulates dust, it might cause lung infections.

3. Allergy
Have you ever had a sudden sneezing or runny nose when you entered a workroom? Even though you don’t have a cold. If so, it’s most likely not the flu that is the main cause but allergies. According to a doctor, people who have talent allergies will be vulnerable to dust.

4. Itching or red rashes on the skin
Dust and mites produced by dirty carpets and air conditioners not only cause respiratory symptoms. Some people can experience skin allergies such as reddish rashes on the skin when exposed to dust and mites.

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