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HCG Diet Drops Side Effects to Look Out For

The HCG diet may be effective to some people. After all, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone produced during pregnancy, subdues the appetite for food. It is believed to trigger rapid weight loss with the help of several phases of a controlled diet as well as the advantages attached to the hormone itself. You might want to try the HCG diet drops but be wary that they are associated with the following side effects:

Headache and Nausea

headachAs the HCG produces early pregnancy symptoms, be prepared for headaches and nausea. These are symptoms that have sent some pregnant women to their beds even if they needed to go to work. So, it is a big deal. The nausea may be caused either by the HCG or the 500 calorie a day diet that comes together with the hormone.


Just like a newly pregnant woman suffering from complexion problems, you may also experience some acne and rashes. Be prepared to feel like a teenager again. While HCG diet drops can make you slim down and feel sexy, you may also feel just a little awkward once they wreak havoc on your skin. However, not all pregnant women break out. You never know if you will end up one of the lucky ones.


HCG may possibly cause cramping along your legs. If you had ever been pregnant, remember waking up in the middle of the night with your leg stiff and hurting? You might also experience something as serious as that, or you may just feel mild cramping, more associated with walking.


ConstipationUnfortunately, pregnancy comes with some uncomfortable symptoms. One of them is constipation. The HCG hormone itself can cause the constipation. The low calorie intake may be the other cause. After all, how would you feel if you are only eating less than half of your recommended daily intake? You will probably feel dizzy during the first few days, if not for the whole diet period.

Swollen breasts

HCG diet drops may cause breasts to swell for both men and women. This may be welcomed by some women, if they can handle the added discomfort. However, men may generally not like their breasts getting swollen for any reason.

Thinning hair

During pregnancy, some women experience hair loss. The hair regrows after the worst of the pregnancy hormone symptoms have died down. HCG users for diet purposes may also experience the thinning of hair. For those who are already suffering from thin hair, this may mean trouble.

Irregular heartbeat or palpitations

Irregular heartbeat Aside from the more obvious pregnancy related symptoms, HCG can also cause irregular heartbeat or palpitations. This means to say that those who already had problems with heart disease or have heart conditions may take necessary precautions before using the hormone as a means of speeding up weight loss. During the HCG diet weight loss, the body is subjected to additional stress. The body consumes and burns fat and calories at faster speeds than usual in order to create the desired weight loss results.

Gallstone formations

There are other side effects related to the HCG intake. One of these other effects is gallstone formations.

There may be other symptoms out there that could discourage you from taking HCG diet drops. The above are just some of the more common. If you do decide to proceed with the supplement then you do have to prepare yourself for the side effects. Maybe you could buy low fat crackers for the nausea, use hot pads for the pain, perform exercises to relieve your back and legs, and so on. There are ways in which you can live with the symptoms. If not then you will have to entertain a different way of losing weight.