How To Fix Cracked Grout

The grout in the bathroom tiles, although looks small and appears only as a compliment, but has a fairly important role. Tile grout, in general, is indeed functioned as a connector and cover the gap (the side of the tile meeting). Its function increases again if it is located in the bathroom area. The grout used in the bathroom area needs to be waterproof and durable because it needs to handle the water flow and protect leakage and seepage. Water seepage could cause serious damage to the ceiling if the bathroom located on the second floor. And this is often caused by old and broken grout. And when this happens you need to prepare the cost to regrout shower and fix it immediately.

The age of tiles that has worn away gradually erodes and then raises a gap that becomes a way to absorb water so that it leaks. On the other hand, if the floor of your bathroom wall is new but has leaked means the leak is caused by something else. For example, it occurs due to incorrect installation of tiles or improper manufacture. To fix the bathroom tile grout which is still relatively new, it’s easy. The first step you must do is ascertain whether the tile sticks well or not. If the tile does not stick well then you have to dismantle forced to do. But if you tap it sounds full, you only need to clean the grout on the leaking area.

After your entire grout is scraped to the bottom, the next step is to clean the grout until it’s completely clean. Mix water and cement to make a waterproof tile grout or with a waterproof paint that you brush on tile grout. Leave the liquid open in a few minutes until it really absorbs and dries completely. If you are sure that the layer of cement or waterproof paint has dried completely, then fill your grout using grout. After all the grout is completely closed you should not wait for it to dry. Immediately, you clean the remaining overflow cement using a wet cloth or sponge that you have wet with water.